Small Business Planner Bundle

Small Business Planner Bundle

✓ Small Business Planner Bundle: Collection of Seven Planners

✓ Commercial Use Private Label Rights

✓ Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

You hear that? It’s the sound of your virtual cash register going KA-CHING, KA-CHING

Just imagine it …

Your cash machine makes that jingle for you all day and all night. 

Yesss, even when you’re sleeping.

An online business is some of the sweetest pie out there because it can make you money, 24-7.

But how do you get there when you’re starting from a 9-to-5?

Look, I get it. Starting a biz can be complex.

There’s a lot to take in.

You got advice coming at you from all directions.

And you can see people are making money online because they have the receipts to prove it.

But what about you?

Can you make money online?

Answer: Yes, of course you can. It all comes down to planning, setting goals, and following through.

If you’re tired of standing on the sidelines and you want to make the cash you deserve online, your first step is to create a plan with EverTemplate’s Small Business Planner Bundle.

Inside this mega 105-page bundle, you will receive seven planners that are perfectly geared toward helping you clarify, plan, and achieve your online dream business goals.

You will receive commercial use rights with all planners included in this bundle. This gives you Private Label Rights (PLR), so you can sell the planners on Etsy, Amazon, or on your own website.

Use these planners to create your dream business, and then post them online for your audience to buy. 

Planners are editable in Canva and PowerPoint.

Take a peek inside the bundle:

Planner #1: Business Clarity | Building a Strong Foundation for Your Business

Iron out the basics of your business so your core foundation will hold you up for years to come.

This planner includes sections for you to consider your tagline, business description, mission statement, core values, and more.

8 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #2: Market Analysis | Analyze Your Business, Your Audience, and Your Competitors

Do a deep dive into your target market and spy on your competitors. Figure out who your best cash-generating customers are,

so you can scope out the right folks and save time.

This planner includes a SWOT analysis, ideal client profile pages, and a huge competition analysis section.

16 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #3: Building a Strong Brand | Create Your Million-Dollar Brand

Branding isn’t just about logos and colors. In this planner, you’ll become laser-focused on your brand’s mission, messaging, tone, uniqueness, and more.

This planner includes a brand questionnaire, a logo vision board, a brand persona page, and branding aesthetics worksheets.

11 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #4: Product Planning | Plan, Implement, and Track Winning Products for Your Business

Planning the right products for the right people is essential to any online biz. In this planner, you’ll figure out which specific problems to solve, and you’ll decide on the cost of your products too.

This planner includes a product overview, product list, product planner, notes section, and to do list.

11 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #5: Marketing & Sales Strategy |Convert Prospects Into Cash-Paying Customers

Here’s the part where you plan how to secure the bag. Inside this planner, you’ll consider where you want to market, you’ll think about core content ideas, and you’ll plan your social media posts, emails, and blog.

This planner has core content idea worksheets, a social media post planner and tracker, an email marketing series planner and tracker, and a blog post planner and tracker. 

33 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #6: Business Finances | Plan Money Goals, Create, and Track Your Expenses

It’s not enough to create the biz. You need to know your numbers too, especially if you want to hit five or six figures with your efforts. Inside this planner, you will set goals, estimate startup costs, and track actual expenses.

This planner has monthly finance trackers, an income goals tracker, a startup budget sheet, bill tracker, and more.

15 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Planner #7: Business Productivity & Goals | Get Things Done & Set Your Goals for Massive Success

Productivity and setting goals are crucial if you want to achieve success with your online business. This planner helps you break down your goals into detailed action steps so you can maintain a business that makes a big impact and produces cash.

This planner includes an undated monthly calendar, along with daily, weekly, and monthly goal sheets and planners.

11 Pages | Commercial Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Included | Editable in PowerPoint & Canva

Hey, I’m Sonja, founder of EverTemplate and creator of the Small Business Planner Bundle! 

I’ve created online businesses since 2006, and I know what it takes to succeed on the internet. 

It’s about creating high-quality products and services that solve specific problems your audience faces.

And then it’s about following through on your promises to help your audience solve those problems.

I’m a writer by trade. As you could imagine, it can be hard for creators like me to overcome writer’s block, daydreaming, and unproductive cell phone surfing.

That’s why my specialty is getting things done. 

Are you stuck in a merry-go-round of brain fog when it comes to getting started with your online business?

*Productivity* is how you achieve that trip to Paris, that fancy car, and that comfortable life on the good side of town.

Hang out with me and you will be able to plan and achieve your massive online success too.

Who is this mega planner pack for?

The Small Business Planner is ideal for:

  • Etsy Sellers
  • eCommerce Sellers
  • Service Providers
  • New and established online entrepreneurs
  • Anyone needing an additional income stream, even if it’s a part-time hustle.

Who is this mega planner pack NOT for?

Dreamers and people looking for a magical money-making pill.

Listen, if you’re not ready to work, this planner bundle is not for you. 

This bundle will NOT create the plan for you. 

It contains many questions and lots of space to write and clarify your thoughts. 

It guides you and tells you specific business topics to think about, but at the end of the day …

You create the plan. You set the goals. You act.

If you want success, and you want to be able to hang out on the beach while sipping on your favorite drink, you must do the work. 

That said, if you’re ready to create a unique, cash-generating biz where you get to call the shots, DOWNLOAD THIS BUNDLE NOW.

Are you ready to plan your dream biz where you can generate enough cash to fuel a comfortable life for yourself and your family?

Hit the Quick Order button to instantly download this big bundle so you can get started right meowww.


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